Your Toyota Hilux was designed specifically for the Trinidad and Tobago Market. Trust your Authorised Toyota Dealer to always give you the best in terms of: Quality, Durability, Reliability and Resale Value.



26.3 X 33 CM


Here are some points you probably didn’t know about Toyota in Trinidad


  1. Did you know that Toyota Trinidad and Tobago Limited (TTTL) is the ONLY  Authorized Toyota Dealership in Trinidad and Tobago, to sell, service and warrant Toyota Vehicles?  TTTL is the ONLY Authorized Toyota Dealership which is recognised by our parent company; Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC, Japan) for our Region.
  1. Did you know that TMC does not recognise or support Foreign-Used Resellers in Trinidad? As a result, they do not extend any type of service or warranty benefits to the Gray Market for any issue.
  1. Did you know that being the ONLY Authorized Toyota Dealer, your vehicle was specifically and exclusively designed for the T&T market?
  1. Did you know that vehicles sold via the Foreign-Used Market are not designed for local conditions (Fuel, Climate, Roads, Terrain) and the cost to maintain them is a lot higher as a result?
  1. Did you know that International Recalls will ONLY be completely honoured by the Authorized Toyota Dealer, TTTL, and NOT by Foreign-Used Resellers?


  1. Did you know that TTTL offers the best Warranty Facility for Toyota vehicles sold in T&T ‘Bumper to Bumper’  with 3 years / 100,000KM?


  1. Did you know that the warranty offered by Foreign-Used Resellers is far inferior to that offered by the ONLY Authorized Toyota Dealer; TTTL?


At Toyota Trinidad and Tobago Limited, we’re committed to our people, our country, our culture, our customers, our rich diversity and our unique way of life. That’s why we’re also committed to delivering the best a vehicle can offer in terms of Quality, Durability, Reliability and Resale Value.